Taking out a secured or unsecured loan is often a long term commitment and you have to ensure that you keep up the repayments every month for the length of the loan. These types of loan are designed for people who need to borrow largish sums of money (for example, from $1000 upwards) and which they will repay over a number of months or years. If you want a smaller sum and quickly, to borrow for just several days or weeks, then you may wish to consider a fast cash payday loan.

Normally repaid on your next or next-but-one payday, these are a form of cash advance that allows you to borrow money on a short term basis and pay it back quickly – so no worries about debt hanging over your head for a long period of time.

So in what sort of circumstances may a fast cash loan come in handy? Holidays are a good example!

Money for your well-deserved holiday

You may be going on holiday and are concerned that your spending money will not be enough to see you through your break; or you may not want the hassle of having to limit yourself to a small amount. A fast cash payday loan could mean that you will not have the worry of running out of cash.

Money to pay for your holiday

Of course you may be struggling to find the money to pay for a cheap holiday that you have seen advertised. Often cheap, last minute breaks may help you to save a fortune and may be the only way that you are able to afford a holiday. If you have seen a bargain but lack the funds to pay for the holiday, then a payday loan may be an option.

So once you have got your holiday sorted, what about taking the cash abroad with you?

Cards such as these allow you to put money on them and then use them as you might a debit or credit card, but without running up debt, as you only spend what is on the card.

If you have a prepaid Speed-e-card that is activated, and you successfully apply for a fast cash payday loan, the money is typically paid directly onto your prepaid card, and you may have the money to spend often within a few hours or the very next day. The benefit is that you can take your card with you on holiday and not have to worry about losing your cash as the card can be used wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark. This means it can be a flexible and safe way of spending your payday loan monies.

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